About us

Unparallel Innovation, Lda (UNPARALLEL) is a high-tech SME software company created as a spin-of by experienced researchers (with 20+ years of combined experience) in order to bring research to the market aiming for unparalleled innovations. UNPARALLEL develops advanced ICT solutions and provides high-value consulting services with a strong foundation on research and technology development. By making research a core service, UNPARALLEL provides end-users with top-of-the-line knowledge and technologies to improve their solutions and business.

UNPARALLEL mission is to bring novel solutions to the market, using state-of-research knowledge and technologies,
at low costs as to effectively improve target processes.

The main goal is to be a “disruptive force” in the market by providing ICT for value, ICT of quality, and ICT for all, by having high-quality solutions (products and services) while not charging several thousand of euros for such. UNPARALLEL aims thus not to be yet another consulting/development but rather to take on strong research results/experiences, using focused solutions/technologies and with low barriers of entry and thus achievable by a large user base.

The business philosophy of the company is to provide the highest business value out of right ICT solutions independent of the novelty of the technologies. UNPARALLEL philosophy is to insert the costumers in the development loop, and instead of focusing on the advancement of the ICT foundations, one wants to focus on the advancement on the provided solutions, even if it means using less advanced technologies, but gather the most adequate solutions for business value.