UNPARALLEL provides consulting services on technology development, strategic insights, market intelligence, etc. to help our clients on overlooking and seizing opportunities in their domains of practice. UNPARALLEL is especially skilled on the development of custom technological solutions (both software and hardware) and on personalised advisory services that meet your specific needs. Some of the consulting projects that UNPARALLEL has rolled-out are presented here. If you would like to contact us for a consulting project, please drop us an e-mail and we will get back in touch to discuss your requirements.

CYBER0003 Cybernetic Policies – Development of M2M / IOT Ecosystem – Mapping and comparative study Brazil-EU.

The Ministry of Communications of Brazil created the Chamber for Management and Monitoring of the Development of Machine-to-Machine Communication Systems (those that do not require human intervention) with two main objectives:

  • Monitor the impact of the reduction of inspection, installation and operating charges on machine-to-machine communication systems;
  • Accompany growth and stimulate the development of the Internet of Things in Brazil.
UNPARALLEL is responsible for doing a study about the European Union status on IoT, to be used as a baseline of the dialogues. It was consider appropriate to initiate dialogues with the European Union in view of the mutual interest and global nature of the subject and in particular the following aspects:
  • The fact that solutions, architectures, technologies and IOT standards are global;
  • The relevant impact on Brazilian and European society, respectively, and in particular on industrial development in a wide range of sectors;
  • The realization that science and technology of excellence can not be further developed intra-frontier but rather collaboratively between countries and / or regions to meet the wishes and needs of society, which is increasingly global.


What is PoolSafe?

POOLSAFE will provide an effective and efficient solution to the cyanuric acid (CYA) problem through the development of a soft sensor to monitor the levels of CYA and other pool water quality parameters. UNPARALLEL worked together with IBET for support the developing of a water box for measuring pH, dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity and temperature. The CYA level is calculated, through the measured parameters, turning on a photocatalysis system for degrading excess CYA when certain conditions are met.